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How will kitchens be different in 2022?

The kitchen is about to transform dramatically. In the upcoming years, we will see a major shift to smart appliances, artificial intelligence (AI) and voice-activated devices. As people’s lifestyles change, the way they use their kitchens has to adapt as well.

For example, in the kitchen of 2022, your refrigerator will be a lot smarter than it is now. Your kitchen will have an “intelligent” refrigerator that understands your habits and preferences and knows what you need before you do.

Your smart fridge will be able to order enough food for the week based on your family size and eating patterns. It will be able to place the order with a local grocery store, or even better, with Pak n Save so you can shop the bargains!

Your fridge will then make sure that the groceries are delivered to your home! Don’t you wish it could also pack the groceries away for you?!

What is the kitchen of the future going to look like?

The kitchen of the future will be smart, streamlined, and will make cooking easier than ever before. The kitchen of the future is going to have fewer electrical appliances in it.

Instead, it will rely on more efficient things like induction burners and induction ovens that can heat up a pan or pot fast and safely. Induction cooktops are quickly gaining popularity in homes around the world. They use electromagnetic induction to heat pots and pans without having to use an open flame. Induction heating is much more efficient than other methods of cooking. So what you’ll find in your kitchen of the future are these induction burners and induction ovens that can use only a small amount of power to cook whatever you need them to cook.

Additionally, the kitchen of the future is going to be faster, and more fun. With these high-tech appliances like induction cooktops, capable of heating a pot of water in a fraction of the time it would normally take, to cooking robots that can help you prepare meals from start to finish, there’s no doubt that the kitchen of the future will be a place where people want to spend their time.

According to Google, 23% of people are starting to research online before visiting a physical store. This means that if a company can create an online presence with detailed product information and FAQs on every product, then that company can potentially attract customers without even having a physical store.

Kitchen renovation is going the same way, with companies implementing processes to enable their customers to take control of the process. Project Kitchens offers free design and quote appointments, held in-store or virtually via video or phone call. Our team can guide you in the design process but they let you make the final calls. Your kitchen will be just that, yours.

The three factors that will shape the future of kitchen design

The evolution of kitchen design is following a trend where the emphasis is on bringing meals into the center of the home. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small studio apartment or a large mansion, the kitchen is becoming an increasingly important part of any house.

Some of the biggest changes in kitchen design are happening in three areas: technology, sustainability, and customization. These three factors will shape not just the future of kitchens but also the way we live our lives.

In the past, kitchens were designed with a handful of appliances – stoves and ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Today, kitchens are much more complex. They feature a dizzying array of cooking appliances: microwaves, toaster ovens, slow cookers, blenders, juicers, food processors, stockpots, and pressure cookers.

As if that weren’t enough, many kitchens now include wine coolers and espresso machines. And as you might expect in this era of digitally enhanced life, many modern kitchens also have computers.

Our kitchens are getting sleeker and more technologically advanced every year. While these upgrades may be convenient, they also come with a cost. This leads us to the question: How sustainable are our kitchen designs?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for homebuyers, so whether you’re remodeling or creating a new home from scratch, it’s worth taking a look at the eco-friendly options available to you. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to meet your sustainability goals while still maintaining an attractive and functional kitchen design.

Project Kitchens are proud to sell cabinets made from wood sustainably forested. Our European suppliers use certified sustainable wood, and the items made in our New Zealand supplier’s factory are made from the same wood shipped over here, or from locally sourced sustainable wood.

Customization is among the most important things that you need to consider when you want to design a kitchen. Customization will enable you to get the best possible result. You need to make sure that you have customized your kitchen in such a way that it will be able to give you all the services that you want and expect in a very efficient way.

When it comes to kitchen design, it is always important for you to make the design decisions that allow you to live your life more comfortably.

The small appliances that will define the future of kitchen design:

If you are planning to put in a kitchen, or renovate an old one, you might want to consider investing in some of the innovative small appliances that will define the future of kitchen design.

Small appliances will soon become larger fixtures in the kitchen. Small appliances like sous vide machines and induction burners are becoming more popular because they offer high-end features at affordable prices. They can do more than just help save space; they can help eliminate common kitchen annoyances

The smart oven, for instance, is a must-have if you’re looking to add a modern touch to your kitchen. It’s accompanied by a mobile app that lets you control the device from anywhere via Bluetooth. The oven can be preheated and programmed from anywhere in the world, so you can start cooking even before you get home. It also has a food library that allows users to access online databases filled with delicious recipes that are tested and ready to go. They can be put together by anyone, and they don’t require any special tools or equipment.

Concluding thoughts on what we think about kitchen design trends for 2022

The kitchen has become a social space. It’s a place to gather with friends, reconnect with loved ones, and entertain.

A dream kitchen is one that allows you to cook and serve your food easily while entertaining and enjoying the company of your guests. New trends in kitchen design are focused on making this a reality by creating open spaces, using new materials and adopting innovative technologies.

We’ll end our article with some final thoughts to touch on the most important aspect of kitchen design – you! Kitchen design is an exciting process that we’re here to help you with. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today for more information, or stop by one of our showrooms. Our friendly staff would love to meet you and talk about your dream design. We can’t wait to work with you on your new kitchen remodel!

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