Eurotech Freestanding 50cm Fan Electric 50L Cooker with 4 Burners 5 Functions


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Whether you’re making wholesome meals for your family or grilling delicious kebabs for parties the 50cm Eurotech freestanding cooker is perfect. It’s also ideal if you’re short on space while still having all the functionality of its larger counterparts. With a 47-litre capacity, you’ll have enough space for Masterchef meals. 5 cooking functions to suit your cooking style. The mechanical timer will let you set and never forget what you have cooking. A triple-layered glass door allows for a safer environment by keeping it cool to the touch when the oven is use. 4 gas burners that are perfect for any size of pots and pans. Adaptable for LPG or natural gas so this is suited to fit in any kitchen Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years Dimensions: H 900mm x W 498mm x D 580mm

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