Eurotech SS Pyrolyti, Touch multifunction 76L built-in oven


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With a large capacity and modern glass design, this built-in oven will be perfect to add to your dream kitchen. The 76-litre capacity allows you to cook a feast for even the largest family. With 11 cooking functions to suit your style, you’ll be sure to have your next meal worthy of five stars. An oven that does the heavy lifting of cleaning itself with its pyrolytic function increasing the temperature of the oven cavity to approximately 500°C, incinerating the grease and cooking residue left behind by cooking and turning it into ash. A quad-glazed door that remains cool and safe to touch even with the oven in use. The intuitive touch control panel allows for a seamless option selection. Included; 2x full telescopic runner Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years Dimensions: H 595mm x W 595mm x D 567mm

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#888686:Black/Stainless Steel